I enjoy writing … the mere act has a way of integrating the inner being with the external living.  But I don’t write often, and that’s ok. Why?

Because after the long hours of work are done, I spend most of my time with my family … playing, dancing, running, talking, laughing, reading, teaching, watching, helping, living with those beautiful souls.

I read so much about mothers needing to take care of themselves and to do the things they love to do.  And while I don’t believe we should sacrifice all we are in our efforts to be a “good mother”, I also don’t believe that taking care of ourselves should equate to dismissive parenting where we forget our roles as parents.  The balance between the two is essential if we are to raise our children and not just leave that to fate … and for that reason, I am ok that I don’t write as often as I used to write.

After all, motherhood is the toughest role I have ever played in my life, mainly because it is the most important one.  It takes thoughtfulness, patience, creativity, and time … lots of time.  We have a duty to lead the way for the children we brought into the world, and I own that responsibility with every morsel of my being.


Mothers: I hope you enjoy your day as the country celebrates us and remember to take your role very seriously.  If you have lost touch with your children, it is never too late to try to reconnect and own your role in your child’s life.

Children: I hope you show your mother how much she means to you, and if you have lost and/or grown apart from your mother, I hope you can find a place to remember some of the good moments that defined you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Now, off to eat the cinnamon toast my little guys made for me 🙂


In related news, a good friend of mine lives by this quote.  This same friend taught me so much about being a “present” mother.  Much love to her and my other friends today:

“If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much.”
-Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis


Question of the day: Can purposeful, directional thinking change the way you respond to and, therefore, feel about your world?

If I rewind to two weeks ago, I sat at this very computer writing about my lack of inspiration and how I was spending much of my time dreading the future, rather than looking forward to it.  That post and reflection opened my eyes to a state of mind that I was slowly adapting and accepting … one that commonly makes an appearance when I am faced with impending changes.

Rather than letting that motion of thought continue on its path, I tasked myself with purposefully thinking about things I was looking forward to.  While I shared some of these with you during that week of reflection, the exercise itself helped me to continuously ask myself, “What are you looking forward to?”

In a matter of moments and over the past couple of weeks, this shift of thought has had an impact on my physical and psychological state.  My thoughts have turned elsewhere and my attitude has improved.  And … I find myself still asking and holding on to those things that I AM looking forward to.

Now, I realize that this transition in thought is nothing novel … mind-blowing … or groundbreaking. There have been many before me that have given credence to positive thinking and the impact it can have on one’s approach to life.

But I’d like to take this inspirational Sunday to share and celebrate the positive results this exercise garnered: here are even more things I am looking forward to …

  • Watching my boys grow-up & graduate from school
  • Building a broader community
  • Becoming more active in my community
  • Learning how to golf (this one is for my husband 🙂 )
  • Teaching my boys about different cultures
  • Earning my PhD
  • Publishing
  • Public Speaking
I hope you continue to dream … envision … and project … enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

What else have I been looking forward to? How about you?

  • Thursday: I am looking forward to a nap.
  • Wednesday: I am looking forward to less clutter.
  • Tuesday: I am looking forward to seeing my sons stand for each other at their weddings.  
  • Monday: I am looking forward to being together as a family more often.

Thursday: I am looking forward to a nap.

While I would love a to share a spiritually awakening type of “looking forward” with you, all day I found myself looking forward to one thing and one thing only … a nap!

Plain & simple … fair & square … truth be told … I could really use a cozy and comfortable nap right now.

In fact, just thinking about curling up with a blanket and a pillow is making me smile … sad?? Nah!!!  I’m just darn, rootin’-tootin’ tired.

So remember as you reflect on what you are looking forward to: it doesn’t have to be grandiose! It doesn’t always have to be far off!  And it doesn’t always have to spiritual!  Sometimes, it is just what you need in the moment.

Hope you have had a splendid week … sweet dreams.

What else have I been looking forward to? How about you?

  • Wednesday: I am looking forward to less clutter.
  • Tuesday: I am looking forward to seeing my sons stand for each other at their weddings.  
  • Monday: I am looking forward to being together as a family more often.

I gotta tell ya’ … last week was not a good week.  I tried to will myself into a better mood, but found myself right back where I started – sad.  While I believe we need to honor our feelings and accept how we feel in each moment, I also believe we must make an effort to look ahead and envision more positive days to come.

On this third day of my “looking forward” series, I can feel the shift in attitude.  And, I’m lovin’ it!

Wednesday: I am looking forward to less clutter in my life.

Stuff … stuff … and more stuff … I am amazed at how much stuff comes through my front door.

Junk mail, papers, chotchkies, candies, toys … the clutter keeps piling up.  Every week, I am amazed at the amount of time I spend sorting through and getting rid of stuff. And this stockpiling of stuff doesn’t only come in the physical form – there is also the mental stuff.  The emails, the conversations, the inner dialogue, the children’s tantrums … this type of mental clutter can be just as draining as the physical.

So today … when I consider the clarity of mind that this exercise has evoked, I can’t help but look forward to less clutter in my life …

What else have I been looking forward to? How about you?

  • Tuesday: I am looking forward to seeing my sons stand for each other at their weddings.  
  • Monday: I am looking forward to being together as a family more often.

It’s Tuesday … the second day where I am making a conscious decision to consider what I am looking forward to … this exercise is truly good for the soul.  Hope you are finding some inspiration with it, as well.

  • Monday: I am looking forward to being together as a family more often.
  • Tuesday: I am looking forward to seeing my sons stand for each other at their weddings.  

When I first found out I was pregnant with my second child, I immediately wished for a girl.  With a one year old boy already gracing our lives, I thought a girl would be a perfect balance to our household.

However, before I learned the sex of my second child, I saw two boys … two brothers playing at the playground.  They seemed to be best friends … kindred spirits … playmates.  In that moment, I thought to myself, “I might want a girl, but I think my son could use a brother.”  

When I found out I was having another son, I wasn’t disappointed … in fact, I looked forward to the bond of brotherhood that he would share with my eldest.

Today … when they are laughing with each other, playing with each other, and, yes, even when they are being mischievious with one another, my heart swells at their bond.  I hope their friendship continues in years to come and that they’ll always appreciate the special union between siblings.

If you read my post this past Sunday, you may recall that I am having a bit of difficulty answering the question, “What are you looking forward to in the future?”

So … this week, I am challenging myself to think and write about events that I AM looking forward to … ironically, I am looking forward to this :).  Here we go:

Monday: I am looking forward to being together as a family more often.

For the past 8 months, my husband has been gone during the weeks and returns only on the weekends.  Though we have managed as a family and continue to keep our heads above water, I wouldn’t say we have thrived or have been at ease much during this time.

Next week, my husband begins a new schedule where he’ll be home more often.  The traveling and absence will continue, but the weeks will be shorter, and the time together will be longer.

I have missed my husband … my boys have missed their father … and we all have missed our time together.

Today, I am looking forward to him coming come.

What are you looking forward to today?  Try to think of something … just one thing, and hold onto that thought for the day.


Let’s face it … this week has been a difficult week, and to put it quite bluntly, I am not feeling very inspired.

Since Monday, I have had a knot in my stomach as I readied myself for the departure of and said goodbye to a good friend.  While I believe his next chapter in life will bring him growth and success, my reaction to him leaving surprised me: I was much sadder than I thought I would be.

But … through much contemplation, I realized that it wasn’t just him leaving that caused the glum response; rather, it is what his departure represented – change.

A little over a year ago, I spoke about change permeating my life and the visceral response it can elicit when I’m faced with it.  And while I have grown, learned and benefited from many of these changes, the onset of them always starts out the same: with angst, fear and a feeling of impending loss.

In the next couple of weeks, I am expecting more changes to come.  I will soon find out if/where we will be moving and once again, I am anticipating saying goodbye to many friends.

I realized this morning that when I ask myself, “What are you looking forward to in the future?”, my answer is … “I don’t know.”  Because over the past month, I have spent most of my time dreading what the future holds rather than welcoming it.

Part of experiencing life is honoring the authenticity of the moment – sadness included.  But this week, I am going to also challenge myself to envision some things I am looking forward to … I hope you do, too.